How to replace a lost or damaged Covid 19 Vaccination Card

As Covid 19 is seemingly winding down, according to some people, there is an emerging problem that we have been gearing about in the last few weeks, and that is replacing a lost or damaged vaccine card.

If you are fully vaccinated but lost your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card or need verification of your vaccine status, you can request a copy of your COVID-19 vaccination record. You cannot get a replacement COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card at this time, but you can get an official record noting you have been vaccinated.

To request a vaccination record:

  • Visit My Vaccine Record. To learn how to access records, click on the “Accessing Records tab. You can now use your mobile phone number, email address or IDNYC number to search for your immunization record online. Printouts from My Vaccine Record are official reports that can be used for school enrollment and verification, college admissions, camp enrollment and record of COVID-19 vaccination
Mayor Eric Adams receiving the updated booster shot

For more information, email or call 311. Do not send personal identifying information by email.

If you believe the information in the NYC CIR does not match the information entered in NYS Excelsior, you can email Include your full name, address and phone number in the message.

For information on vaccine locations and appointments in NYC, visit our COVID-19 Vaccines page.

The NYC Health Department’s Citywide Immunization Registry (CIR) collects New Yorkers’ vaccine records to help ensure that people receive life-saving immunizations, to monitor vaccination rates and to protect public health.

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  • Children younger than 19 years: The vaccine record contains all immunizations reported by their NYC health care providers. Providers are required by law to make these reports.
  • Adults: Immunizations may be reported by their NYC health care provider with the patient’s consent.

The vaccine record is official and may be submitted to child care centers, schools, camps and employers.


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