About Us

Africans Help Desk is a platform/entity.created to.empower African immigrants in the United States, particularly in the Tri State region (NY, NJ, CT) with resources for a sustainable development of self and as a collective. Through strategic partnerships, both private and government, we would refer community members to available resources in immigration, education, finances, health and wellness, housing, and employment. We would also provide direct services by assisting community members with issues such as helping fill out documentation for housing, unemployment benefits and other social services.

Name:  The Name of the Organization shall be Africans Help Desk LLC

Address: The Address shall be Africans Help Desk, P.O. Box 560, 558 Grand Concourse, Bronx NY 10451

Vision :A New York where African immigrants have access to culturally appropriate support and can thrive.

Africans Help Desk’s mission is to empower African immigrants and improve their quality of life in New York. 

  • Africans Help Desk’s mission is to support/assist organizations serving African immigrants in New York City in building social networks, accessing critical services, advancing civic engagement and pushing for policy reform.

Our aim is to reach out to African immigrant communities to provide information and resources.

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