U.S. Passport Fee goes up

Starting Dec. 27, the cost of a U.S. passport book will rise $20 for all customers, the State Department announced this week. The price for a first-time or replacement adult passport will be $165; a renewal will be $130. The expedited fee, which gets you your passport weeks earlier, will remain $60.

The State Department said the fee increase is “necessary to ensure we continue to produce one of the most secure travel and identity documents in the world.”

Earlier this month, President Biden signed an executive order allowing Americans to renew their passports online for the first time in an effort to speed up the process. This will eliminate the need for physical documents and paper checks to be sent through the mail.

The White House said the order regarding online renewals could take between six to 12 months to take effect.

For now, travelers have to send their documents — and increased fees — through the mail.


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