New York City MTA Suspends Multiple Subway Lines Over Crew Shortages Due to Covid 19

The B and W subway lines remained suspended Monday because of crew shortages as New York City marked its first workday of 2022. Likewise, express train service on the 6 and 7 lines is suspended, according to the MTA.

The A and 3 trains could experience delays because of staffing shortages and the Z train’s midday service is suspended, officials said.

“We’re running as much service as we can with the train crews we have available,” the MTA tweeted.

NYCT Subway. Wear a Mask.@NYCTSubwayB service is suspended. We’re running as much service as we can with the train crews we have available. In Brooklyn, take Q trains. In the Bronx, take D trains. In Manhattan, take C D trains.”

The MTA has grappled with COVID-related crew shortages since last week.

Exact numbers of MTA workers who are out sick weren’t immediately available, but the tally is likely to be sizable given New York City counted 35,650 positive cases in a single-day span for New Year’s Day, according to the governor’s office.

Other subway lines were delayed or slowed Monday morning for reasons other than the omicron-driven COVID-19 surge.

Main Street-bound 7 trains, for example, ran with delays after crews removed one with a door problem, according to the MTA.

Riders can keep track of subway delays and suspension by clicking here.

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