Why Children and Teens Should Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19

  • COVID-19 can make children and teens of any age very sick and sometimes requires treatment in a hospital.
  • Help protect children ages 5 years and older, especially from severe disease, hospitalization, or death by getting them vaccinated against COVID-19.

Getting eligible children and teens vaccinated against COVID-19 can help keep them:

  • From getting really sick if they do get COVID-19
  • In school or daycare
  • Safely participating in sports, playdates, and other group activities

Impact of COVID-19 in Children and Teens

Just like adults, children and teens can:

  • Get very sick from COVID-19
  • Have both short- and long-term health problems
  • Spread COVID-19 to others, including at home and school

There is no way to tell in advance how children or teens will be affected by COVID-19. However, those with underlying medical conditions or who have a weakened immune system are more likely to get severely ill from COVID-19.  Some examples of conditions that can make children more likely to get severe COVID-19 include:

  • Asthma or chronic lung disease
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Sickle cell disease

Those without underlying medical conditions can also experience severe illness. In fact, almost half of children younger than 18 years old hospitalized with COVID-19 have no underlying conditions.

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