United Federation of Teachers (UFT) offer $5000 Scholarship to College Bound Students. Apply Now !

High school seniors are invited to apply for an Albert Shanker Scholarship. The process is easier than ever with the new online portal.

Candidates must be financially eligible and be accepted in a full-time, matriculated, degree-granting program at an accredited college or university. We believe that education is the gateway to a productive life.

This opportunity will instill a greater sense of belonging — and motivation — for your child to make it through their higher education. The new deadline to apply for a $5,000 scholarship is Tuesday, Feb. 28.

Encourage your graduating students to apply!

Important Instructions
Go to the UFT Shanker Scholarship webpage
Scroll down and click on “create account”
The username must be in email format
The password must be at least eight characters and include alpha, numeric and special characters.
Complete an online application.
Bookmark the login page for the application website in case you need to come back to the website to complete your application or find additional information.

Who can apply for the undergraduate scholarships?

The program is limited to New York City public high school seniors who will graduate from a vocational, academic or alternative school or will receive an equivalency diploma from a public evening school or a New York City Board of Education alternative educational program. In addition, students must have high academic standing and demonstrate leadership in school and community. All applicants also must be eligible to receive and must apply for federal financial aid (a Pell Grant).

Who can apply for the graduate scholarships?

Only students who received the UFT undergraduate college scholarships are eligible for the graduate awards. Winners of the graduate scholarships also must have high academic standing, demonstrate leadership qualities and meet family income requirements.

What about financial eligibility?

In order to qualify for the UFT Albert Shanker scholarships, students must have family income levels no higher than the maximums set by the Albert Shanker College Scholarship Fund. Maximum levels vary according to the number of dependents in the family. Further details and exact income data are listed on page four of the scholarship instructions.

Students must show valid proof of family income, which must include income of parents, step-parents, guardians or any other adults who have assumed legal responsibility for the applicant. The Scholarship Fund requires tax returns and other official documents as proof of family income. It is important to document income from all sources, including non-taxable income such as public assistance payments, child support, Social Security and veteran’s pensions.

An applicant whose family lives abroad will also be required to appropriately document family income.

How are winners selected?

Winners are selected by an impartial committee appointed by the Fund’s Director. Approximately two-thirds of the college scholarships are awarded on the basis of high school average and class standing. The remaining awards are based on recommendations, the applicants’ statements, their potential and their academic standing.

How are the scholarships paid?

For undergraduate awards, payments are made by the Fund directly to scholarship recipients. Checks are mailed directly to their address of record in the amount of $625 semi-annually, up to a total maximum award of $5,000. For graduate scholarship winners, payment is made semiannually directly to the student upon confirmation of enrollment.


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