New York to begin automated speeding tickets on I-87 and I-84 work zones

The New York State Department of Transportation and New York State Thruway Authority will be issuing automatic speeding tickets in 13 work zones throughout Warren, Orange, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk and Jefferson counties, according to information posted on

The zones include stretches of Interstate 84 in Orange County (westbound lanes between exits 39 and 32, which are located between Newburgh and New York Stewart International Airport) and Interstate 87 in Warren County (northbound lanes between exits 22 and 23/bridge over Route 9).

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A first time violation will cost you $50. The second violation within an 18-month period is $75. Three or more violations within an 18-month period cost $100. These are base penalties that are subject to additional late fees, according to fees posted online. A driver’s registration may be suspended if the fines are not paid.

But there are no penalty points assessed to the driving record of a vehicle owner who receives a violation notice — because traffic enforcement cameras only identify the vehicle, not the driver.

The state warns drivers to take care even when driving at the speed limit since radar used for enforcement will identify vehicles traveling equal to or faster than the posted speed limit, triggering the system to capture photos and the speed of the passing vehicle, according to the DOT. (The cameras do not photograph every vehicle that passes by.)

For registered New York drivers, the violations, referred to as a notice of liability, will be mailed to the vehicle owner within 14 days of the incident. For out-of-state vehicles, notices will be mailed within 45 days of the incident.

Work zones where vehicle owners are subject to automatic fines should be clearly marked by signs, according to the DOT.

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The five-year enforcement program is based on legislation that was passed in 2021. It’s meant to reduce speeds, improve driver behavior, protect workers and travelers in work zones, complement existing enforcement by State Police and promote work zone safety. The program officially launched in April and has been used at construction and maintenance work sites on controlled-access highways and parkways throughout the state. Designed to comply with state and local laws, the technology used in enforcement also includes all hardware, software, and services required to compile the evidence package to submit to the courts, according to the DOT.

The radar used by the enforcement system will capture a series of images of a passing vehicle as it approaches and passes a speed-safety camera, including two photos of the back of the vehicle, to show the distance, time and travel. It will collect data that include the time, date, posted speed, vehicle speed, location, lane and direction of travel.

License plate information will be used to identify the registered owner of the vehicle. A state-certified technician will review the violation and certify that the information is correct before a notice of liability is mailed out, according to the DOT.

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